Smart Wallets for your customers

Powered by Account Abstraction (ERC-4337)

  • Remove seed phrases with social logins, passkeys, and more.
  • Sponsor gas for users or let them pay gas with ERC20s
  • Batch & automate transactions
  • Add custom wallet features with plugins
Available on all EVM blockchains
ethereum polygon arbitrum base optimism avalanche bsc

What is Account Abstraction?

Account abstraction (AA) replaces regular wallets with smart contract wallets,
enabling a Web3 experience as smooth as Web2.

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Flexible Authentication

From private keys to OAuth to biometrics, AA allows you to choose the authentication method that fits your application.

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Friendly Gas Experience

Sponsor gas for your users, or let them pay gas in ERC20 tokens such as stablecoins or your own tokens.
With AA, gas can be simple.

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Smooth Transactions

Bundle transactions so your users don't have to repeatedly confirm, and send automatic transactions to enable subscriptions and more.

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How ZeroDev Works

ZeroDev provides smart wallets as a service. We handle the wallet tech, so you can focus on shipping an amazing product.

Create smart wallets for your users

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Any Key Providers

ZeroDev can create AA wallets from private keys, third-party key providers such as Web3Auth and Magic, and even biometrics.

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Web2 Login

No keys? No worries. ZeroDev can create wallets from your existing Web2 auth system or social accounts like Google.

Ship amazing UX with AA lego blocks

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Ethers and Wagmi API

Use ZeroDev to build amazing Web3 UX with the libraries you already know and love.

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AA Lego Blocks

Gas sponsoring, transaction bundling, session keys... The most popular AA features are available at your fingertips.

Build brand-specific experiences

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Programmable AA Wallet

AA is programmable, and so is ZeroDev. Build wallet functionality that no one else has thought of.

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Gas Sponsoring API

Configure granular rate limits and policies for gas sponsoring, through either our API or dashboard.

Enjoy ultra-high availability with our meta-bundler network

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Meta Bundler Network

ZeroDev provides ultra-reliable bundler access by working with multiple bundler providers. If one fails, another takes over.

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Bring Your Own Infra

Wanna use your own bundler or provider? No problem. ZeroDev works with any bundler service, including your own.

Flexible Pricing

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Pay as you go

Best for individuals

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  • Free on testnets
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Best for teams

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